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RK Munitions launched in 2017 after a couple guys tried to order ammo on the internet. Weeks after placing their order, they still hadn’t received any ammo. Meanwhile, their credit card was charged, their money was being held hostage, and the customer service department was unresponsive. Unfortunately, this was a common problem. Backorders were the law of the land as guns went hungry and shooters grew frustrated.

So, RK Munitions was born. We made a pretty big impression early on as the first online ammo shop to feature a live inventory system. Since the beginning, we’ve insisted on a live inventory tracker on each product page that shows you exactly how many units of that product we have in stock. When we run out, the number reaches zero and the page is automatically hidden until we get more. So, if you see it on our website, you know we have it in-stock at our warehouse in California. No delays. No backorders. No drop-shipping.

We’ve grown a little since those early days and we’ve made lots of improvements to our operation based on the principle of giving our customers the best online shopping experience possible.


To complement our live inventory system, we’ve also worked hard over the years to make sure we always have plenty of Primers, smokeless gun powder and ammo in stock with a wide selection of brands and calibers. While the bulk of what we sell is made up of a few of the most popular calibers like 9mm, pistol ammo and primers we also try to stock a broad selection of even the most obscure rifle, pistol, shotgun, and rimfire cartridges.

One of the things we’re most proud of at RK Munitions is something that all of our customers can experience: our Fast Shipping Guarantee. Any orders placed by 3 PM Eastern Time on a business day are guaranteed to ship that same day. If an order is placed after 3 or on a weekend or holiday, it ships the very next business day.

Of course, anybody can just say they promise fast shipping, but our promise is backed up by a $100 Guarantee. On the rare occasion that we miss the mark or the ammo you order is actually out of stock, we’ll give you $100 in store credit. Just get in touch with our customer service team. They’ll be sure to make it right.

Speaking of our customer service team, they’re a pretty awesome bunch, too. The team is made up of actual shooters who use and know the products we sell, so they’re ready to answer any questions you might have via email, or live chat. In fact, many of our customer service folks first encountered RK Munitions as customers before joining our team. This helps us to have an obsession with the front lines and understanding of the small details that you care about.

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