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The M.A.R.S (Miniature Assault Rifle Suppressor) was developed by well renowned Swiss arms manufacture B&T. B&T designed the M.A.R.S with input from Armed Forced personnel and their experiences in the combat zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. Through their real-world experiences, B&T learned that flash reduction is just as, if not more important than noise reduction. This is due to the fact that the human eye is far more sensitive at detecting flashes of light than the human ear is at detecting sources of sound. With this in mind, the M.A.R.S was out fitted with a multi-Y endcap which rapidly dissipates the expanding gasses leaving the muzzle.

The M.A.R.S is available in two calibers: 5.56mm (.223) and 7.62mm (.308), and comes in two variations. The first variation is the Quick Detach (QD) model, this model allows the suppressor to rapidly be mounted/unmounted onto the muzzle and secures itself in place with the notches of B&T’s proprietary flash hider. The Directly Mounted (DM) model attaches using the more conventional method of screwing it onto a threaded muzzle.

Features of the M.A.R.S Suppressor:

  • Available in 5.56mm (.223) and 7.62mm (.308)
  • Available in Quick Detach (QD) and Directly Mounted (DM)
  • Multi-Y endcap to reduce muzzle flash
  • Compact design


  • Caliber:.223
  • Weight:13.4 ounces
  • Dimensions:Diameter: 39mm
    Length: 126mm
    Extended length: 110mm
  • Length:Length: 126mm
    Extended length: 110mm
  • Sound Level:20 dB
  • Item ConditionNew
  • Product TypeSuppressor
  • MPNSD-988225-US


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